50 Facts About Me

  1. I love owls – I don’t care if it’s trendy!
  2. I’m a sucker for technology – love my iPhone, TiVo, iPad
  3. Cantaloupe is my favorite fruit
  4. I’m a HUGE San Jose Sharks fan
  5. I have 7 tattoos
  6. I work in Customer Success
  7. October is my favorite month (my birth month!)
  8. I have a stork bite birthmark on the back of my neck
  9. Moulin Rouge is my favorite movie
  10. Las Vegas is my favorite vacation spot
  11. I’m obsessed with Egyptian stuff
  12. I’m 5’3”
  13. The only time I’ve been out of the US was to attend my brother’s wedding in Calgary
  14. I drive a 2008 Honda CRV
  15. I wear the same 2 rings every day
  16. Stevie Nicks is my favorite musician
  17. I broke my collarbone in 5th grade (ouchie!)
  18. I’ve never been stung by a bee
  19. I spent my 21st birthday in Dallas, Texas
  20. I’ve always had blonde hair
  21. My eyes are green
  22. I used to ice skate several times a week
  23. I have a weird music memory – I remember lyrics to songs I haven’t heard in 15+ years
  24. My favorite color is teal
  25. I really miss rocky road ice cream
  26. My dogs are named Rowdy & Dakota
  27. I rarely drink alcohol
  28. I drink way too much soda
  29. I can’t wait to feel confident wearing skinny jeans w/ tall boots in the fall!
  30. I have a huge Coach purse collection
  31. I hate running – I love when I finish running
  32. I’m afraid of drowning
  33. I’ve had my wisdom teeth removed
  34. I want to go to DisneyWorld! – went in September 2014!
  35. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 12 years
  36. I love cowboy boots
  37. I have five piercings – two in my right ear and three in my left
  38. I curse way too much
  39. I love rose gold jewelry
  40. I can’t handle wearing perfumes – the smells bother me
  41. 14 is my lucky number
  42. I was born in the year of the monkey
  43. I have three younger brothers
  44. I’ve been designing websites since I was 13 years old
  45. I buy sunglasses often, but forget to wear them
  46. I have eczema
  47. I’m obsessed with everything Hunger Games
  48. I TiVo over 40 shows – yikes!
  49. I love Tiffany & Co. jewelry
  50. It’s hard to come up with 50 things about myself lol

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